Cloud Storage Solutions for Marketing Firms

Sep 04, 2023

Many businesses are adopting cloud storage solutions to enhance their workflows and reduce costs but the marketing industry is perhaps one of the clearest examples where cloud solutions can benefit a business, for a number of reasons.

Typically, in marketing firms, teams collaborate across a range of locations and disciplines. There's a lot of back and forth between web developers, designers, writers and managers, with the client and their teams getting in the mix as well.

Cloud Storage Facilitates Collaboration 

Using traditional data storage without the benefits of the cloud can make collaborating in marketing roles a messy affair. 

A graphic designer may spend several hours designing a logo and proudly showing off their work until they hear it was supposed to be an entirely different colour scheme and in the form of a stylised chicken. Once those lost hours have been rectified you find the new logo is not working with the rest of the website—but wait, the developer’s not even in the office today - a complete nightmare. 

Even just going back and forth with content creation can be a headache, making different versions of the same text—have you got the right version? No, this is the old version without the edits—argghhh!

Enhanced Workflows with Cloud Storage

Most of these typical marketing headaches can be solved using cloud solutions.

This graphic designer’s day would already be a lot better—no time wasted as the client feedback was easily accessible through the virtual desktop portal. 

No issue with being out of the office and working from home remotely as the web developers and designers can access both the data and the computational or GPU power needed to run the graphics software and back-end control panels.

The problem with the various versions of files and having incorrect documents is also removed by having one universal master copy that is stored in the cloud and shared by relevant parties.

Streamlined Collaboration on Content and Design Elements

In terms of the written content and design elements, the whole process is much smoother using cloud solutions. 

Rather than messing about with different files that need to be sent here and there, it is much simpler and more streamlined to have everything based in the cloud.

With files shared via the cloud, it is much easier for supervisors, editors and customers to make changes themselves or give feedback on content with any points the writers or designers need to address. 

More importantly, it would be one universal master file that everyone collaborates on from a number of locations and devices. 

This means that apart from being practical, the content goes through more of a natural evolution to reach the ultimate finished product. 

Editors and supervisors can tweak the work of the writers, correct a few spelling or grammatical mistakes, and then share it with the client who may want to focus more on a certain area. The original writer can then chip in with more content based on the feedback until the work reaches a pinnacle of quality—hopefully—that the customer and all parties are happy with. 

Everything can be accessed instantly and there is no need to attach files to emails and send stuff here and there. Instead of having seven different versions of the same document, it is just one universally accessed master document. This gives greater transparency across all tasks, facilitating closer collaboration for all team members.

Saving Infrastructure Costs

One distinct advantage of cloud solutions is the flexibility and dynamic way that operations can be scaled up with no equipment or infrastructure costs needed.

For example, if a marketing firm or ad agency takes on 10 or 20 temporary workers, they would need office space, computers, monitors and desks for all of them. With solutions such as virtual desktops and workstations that are based in the cloud, agencies can set up any number of workers more or less instantly without having any infrastructure costs to pay.

Designers can get remote access to virtual graphic processing unit vGPU platforms so they don’t need to have any specific hardware in their work location, web developers and coders can have access to powerful high-performance processing that is again remotely accessed through the cloud.

Cloud Data Storage

Of course, with large files such as marketing videos and high-end graphics, along with hosting needed for customers' websites and sales portals, this can take up a lot of server space.

Investing in on-site or remote servers can be quite costly and not entirely practical for the day-to-day running of a marketing or ad agency firm.

Cloud data storage offers a more flexible solution and cuts down on the need to invest in traditional storage infrastructure. At Lyon, we provide state of the art datacentres and secure storage solutions with data accessible through virtual workstations and desktops as a service.

This is ideal for marketing firms as they can securely store an unlimited amount of data and processing power that can be easily linked into their existing network and reached by any employee whether working remotely from home or based in different offices around the country.

Are Cloud Solutions Essential for Marketing Firms and Ad Agencies in the Current Marketplace?

When weighing up the advantages of using cloud data storage and remote workstations as opposed to traditional server and hardware-based models, there are not many significant benefits of the traditional model to make it worth the extra cost and space needed for equipment.

For this reason, it is clear why the marketing industry is rapidly adopting cloud-based storage and performance as part of an overall IT solutions package.

Contact us to find out more about how cloud storage solutions can help marketing firms with some of these real-world examples.