Communication and Collaboration

60% of Employees to Frequently Work from Home by the end of 2023! Using our centralised solutions for connectivity, communication and collaboration ensure a continuous increase to the productivity of your workforce and team.

Communication and Collaboration
VoIP Telephony

Voice over Internet Protocol offers an alternative reliable and secure solution for legacy PBX telephony services. No longer you are required to maintain complicated and dedicated hardware for your telephony and can simply connect your handset to the internet and have the convenience of a fixed landline. VOIP offers many cost benefits, reduces operational cost, delivers flexible remote working and more.

Audio and Video Conferencing

The workforce is moving to a remote working structure and with 2020 marking the year for this shift an increasing number of your workforce will be working remotely. Using industry renowned audio and video conferencing solutions make sure that your employees collaborate effectively allowing seamless interaction internally and with clients.

Fibre Leased Lines

The surge in data and subsequently the necessity to have information transferred from one location to the other has resulted into most of the business seeking faster internet connections. These dedicated leased lines are specially designed with the lowest latency and are not contended delivering some of the highest SLA’s and internet connection uptimes in the industry.

Managed Wireless

Given the rapid change in wireless technology standard it's no longer possible to have a wireless network designed and operated without regular maintenance and monitoring. Our managed wireless network allows for increased security, round-the-clock monitoring, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and Guest network authentication portals providing a secure and reliable connection to your team and visitors.


Fibre leased lines are still not available in our area, are there any alternatives you would recommend?

Fibre leased lines are spreading very quickly in and around the capital and major cities in the UK. However there are still many areas which have not seen a full coverage for fibre leased lines. In contrtast some business also may find the cost of a leased line too difficult to fit into the annual IT budget. A few providers however have accelerated their coverage in and around London offering reasonably priced contended fibre solutions such as HyperOptic, G-Networks and Virgin. 

With the above in mind if fibre in its entirety is not available in your areas you may wish to explore other technologies such as VDSL or WiMax. Be sure to give our account managers a call on 0207 112 8504 where they can guide towards the right directtion. 

Given the sudden surge of applications such as Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams what are the best options for our video conferencing rooms?

Almost all audio/video conferencing providers such as Zoom, Webex, Vonage, Microsoft Teams, 8x8 and Google Meet offer a variety of appliances which can otherwise deliver a fully functional hardware solution for your meeting rooms. 

With a myriad of options to choose from the right solution will depend upon the wider communication and collaboration solution which your business currently uses. 

We're technology agnostic on this front and would only recommend the right solution for your business. Please get in touch with one of our account managers so that we can help you identify the best solution for your needs.

I've been told by BT that my current telephony solution will no longer be supported by the end of 2025 and I need to upgrade with their cloud telephony solutions, what does this even mean?

BT announced that from 2020 ISDN networks will no longer be available for sale however they will continue to operate up until 2025 where all ISDN and PSTN circuits will be terminated. This means that well before this date all businesses will need to transition to a VOIP solution. VoIP or Voice over IP is a telephony solution which utilises the internet for calling rather than the public switching network. 

In practice you would need to identify a suitable VoIP telephony provider and to migrate your current telephone numbers over to them. Once the telephone numbers have been ported you're then able to utilise a VoIP solution to make and receive phones calls. 

Over the past 10 to 15 years many business have already made this move however if your business still is in the very few that require to be migrated to the cloud get in touch with one of our account managers so that we can help you choose the best solution. 

What are your recommendations for a telephony solution, on-premise, cloud or a hybrid model?

This highly depends on the nature of your business, the number of calls you make or receive, office and remote internet connectivity, overall available bandwidth, call quality expectations, whether your employees all work from a single location or multiple locations, whether remote working has been fully implemented, the number of countries you operate within and the various features you may require from a telephony system. Considering the number of elements which can affect the choice we recommend that you give one of our account managers a call on 0207 112 8504 so that they can understand your requirements better and to provide you with suitable advice.



What our clients say about us!

Global Stationery Start-up

I've been lucky enough to work with Lyon Managed Services for a few years now. Amin and the team always offer amazing customer service, fast response times and plenty of patience when dealing with whatever kind of query I may have.


Claire (Office Manager)

Global Stationery Start-up

Architectural Firm

I'd like to thank all at Lyon for your work this year- if you'd told me 12 months ago that the entire office would be working remotely, I don't think I'd have believed it would have been possible, let alone relatively smooth and productive. So thank you for moving so swiftly to get us set up in March, and the support ever since. Please do pass on my thanks to Tom and the rest of the team.


John (Director)

Architectural Firm

Investment Management

Over the last eight years they have provided all the needs of our expanding business, here in the UK and as well as in two overseas locations, in a very seamless and professional manner. Many a times they have very professionally and competently dealt with some very complex issues involving our virtual setup, Refinitive and Reuters platforms. We are always impressed by the depth of knowledge of their staff but especially the knowledge and experience of their founding partners whom are always promptly available.


Anonymous (Director)

Investment Management

Not for Profit

We engaged with Lyon at a time when our server had crashed, and our previous IT had thrown in the towel. Unbeknown to them it was a behemoth of a job however they managed to restore everything back to normal within days. Since then we’ve been looked after by them regularly and can’t recommend them enough.


Annā€Marie (Operations Manager)

Not for Profit