Why Lyon

Professional IT Services for individuals and companies.


At Lyon Managed Services our vision forms our constitutional framework that guides us with every aspect of the business by visualising our route to sustainable growth.


Having the best team of individuals and to develop them above and beyond what they have experienced.

Clients and Partners

Creating a win‐win business platform ensuring that in every aspect of our commercial and non‐commercial relationships we create mutual value.


Ensuring that the technologies we deliver to our clients facilitates them to stay well ahead of their game and competition.




We have developed an honest and straightforward approach with each other, our clients and partners.


We focus our resources to achieve leadership objectives and strategies.


We are committed to achieve sustainable growth and to be the best in the market.


We believe that business works best when there is a foundation of trust. This applies to our team, clients and supplying partners.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

At Lyon Managed Technology our mission is to deliver, maintain and support technologies that in turn would allow seamless business growth, communication and collaboration for our clients. And done in ways that reduces the burden of technology on the business, increases overall security and delivers assurance to its people and future.



The architectural sector carries many technological challenges which naturally increase the overall demand on the IT infrastructure. Our combined expertise in this sector coupled with the variety of different businesses we support has allowed us to consult and advise on the strategy of various architectural firms based locally and internationally.

Architecture Visualisation

This sector predominantly is engaged with producing 3D and motion film products. The sheer amount of data which these businesses produce requires the most secure, reliable and speedy infrastructure solutions which can potentially cope with delivering a 24x7 infrastructure around the clock.

Structural Engineering

Innately connected to civil engineering, structural engineering covers the design, construction, and safety of a building or large edifice such as a bridge, dam, or dock. Businesses in this sector are also very infrastructure-demanding and whether hosted in the cloud or on premise require a reliable infrastructure all around.

Civil Engineering

The civil engineering sector requires some of the most demanding technologies to ensure its speed, resiliency and security. We’re equipped with the necessary experience to help support the operations of various insurance businesses.

Post Production

Due to the unique nature of post production businesses by far the largest challenge of all is managing data and information. With cyber security becoming the biggest challenge of this sector over the past couple of years it's inherently important to ensure that a reputable and experienced IT partner deals with these challenges.

Marketing & Advertising

The marketing and advertising sector is a lightning fast paced sector that depends heavily on its IT infrastructure. The most critical of these platforms are Email, Hosted CRM systems, communication and collaboration systems and many more. Our experience in the sector has allowed us to have a full understanding of the various technological requirements.

Technology Partners



What our clients say about us!

Architectural Firm

I'd like to thank all at Lyon for your work this year- if you'd told me 12 months ago that the entire office would be working remotely, I don't think I'd have believed it would have been possible, let alone relatively smooth and productive. So thank you for moving so swiftly to get us set up in March, and the support ever since. Please do pass on my thanks to Tom and the rest of the team.


John (Director)

Architectural Firm

Global Stationery Start-up

I've been lucky enough to work with Lyon Managed Services for a few years now. Amin and the team always offer amazing customer service, fast response times and plenty of patience when dealing with whatever kind of query I may have.


Claire (Office Manager)

Global Stationery Start-up

Investment Management

Over the last eight years they have provided all the needs of our expanding business, here in the UK and as well as in two overseas locations, in a very seamless and professional manner. Many a times they have very professionally and competently dealt with some very complex issues involving our virtual setup, Refinitive and Reuters platforms. We are always impressed by the depth of knowledge of their staff but especially the knowledge and experience of their founding partners whom are always promptly available.


Anonymous (Director)

Investment Management

Not for Profit

We engaged with Lyon at a time when our server had crashed, and our previous IT had thrown in the towel. Unbeknown to them it was a behemoth of a job however they managed to restore everything back to normal within days. Since then we’ve been looked after by them regularly and can’t recommend them enough.


Ann‐Marie (Operations Manager)

Not for Profit

Infrastructure Outsourcing Checklist

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