Managed Wireless Infrastructure Case Study

Published : 16 Sep, 2020

About the Business

Our client is a leader in the field of visualisation, communicating architecture and the built environment for over 30 years. They bring their clients ideas and ambitions to life in beautiful and engaging ways and continue to push at the boundaries of what is possible within their industry.


Industry: Architecture Visualisation

Organisation Size: Less than 50 employees

Service Areas: Ubiquity Unifi Managed Wireless Infrastructure



The business had previously operated a mixture of Cisco Aironet wireless devices centrally managed by a wireless controller that were in need of an upgrade.


The common requirements of wireless connectivity for the business ranged from using laptops to connect to the data infrastructure replicating the high speed 10Gb physical network infrastructure, secured guest access with welcome portal for visitors and freelancers and regular and high-definition video streaming to projectors for client and internal meetings. 


Due to the nature of the business the amount of data which was being transferred across the corporate network spanned multiple terabytes a day given normal business activity, backups, offsite backups and furthermore renders operating on a render farm. This meant that any effort to stream videos on the network dependant on the level of network activity could inevitably result into jitter, noise, video buffering and a poor experience. 


Furthermore, introducing 4K and subsequently 8K streaming of videos on the network would also result into an overall poor wireless experience both for the streamers and regular wireless users. 


Wireless security also played a big role in ensuring that the infrastructure is regularly kept up to date, monitored for any suspicious activity and that it integrated with local active directory databases only allowing authenticated users to access the network. 




+ Carried out a full wireless survey identifying potential new locations for the wireless access points ensuring full site coverage and availability. 
+ Implemented a centralised Ubiquity Unifi Cloud Controller Site for the Business. 
+ Created segregated guest wireless network with captive portal splash page allowing secure visitor authentication.
+ Deployed a hidden wireless network authenticated with active directory pushed out to all end users via Microsoft Windows Group Policy solutions. 
+ Designed a state of the art 802.11ac wireless network running on independent 5GHz wireless channels for the streaming of 4K/8K videos allowing up to 2000Mbits in bandwidth speed. 




The business over the past 6 or 7 years had gone through various changes and refurbishment plans to their office which had resulted into a different layout to when the Cisco wireless infrastructure was implemented. 


It was therefore crucial to carry out an independent wireless survey understanding how the wireless signals are being emitted and bouncing off of the current layout of the building. To ensure full wireless signal coverage was achieved our network specialists carried out a detailed analysis of the signals and proposed new locations for the wireless access points to the business.  


Using segregated virtual LAN technology embedded with Unifi access points centrally managed by the Unifi controller we were able to separate and secure various network traffic ensuring that none of the data streams at any point throughout the day will affect one another. 


UniFi Cloud Hosted Controller service is perfect for businesses looking to harness the power of the centralised wireless infrastructure. The Access Points are fully provisioned prior to dispatch so you simply have to connect them to your network.


The business carries out uninterrupted events, internal and client meetings whilst moving terabytes of data around the network on a daily basis. 


Services Taken: Managed Services (Wireless Infrastructure), Professional Services, Licensing.