Cyber Security Services

Over 147 billion records are expected to be exposed through data breaches between 2018 and 2023. Secure the state of your IT infrastructure and data with our Cyber Security Solutions.

Cyber Security Services
Vulnerability Management

As a leading MSSP providing managed security services in dealing with potential hardware and software vulnerabilities by applying the necessary timely patches and monitoring the information systems you can be rest assured that your data is regularly reviewed for any potential and harmful flaws, security breaches and abnormalities.

Security Operation Monitoring

With the help of industry known SOC monitoring platforms our security analysts are notified of any security issues within your infrastructure and to have them addressed within a timely manner. The team of analysts monitor and analyse activity on your network infrastructure, servers, workstations that could potentially compromise the IT systems.

Penetration Testing

Network penetration tests, or in short, pen tests, were introduced as part of our progressive cyber security offering to identify existing vulnerabilities in external and internal facing networks. Our certified ethical hackers will carry out penetration tests on various platforms that the IT infrastructure operates from and will identify any insecurities which are required to be addressed. 

Cyber Security Awareness

As part of our cyber security services for small and medium sized businesses we offer regular online and offline training sessions using in person training, webinars and a 1 to 1 courses to improve the awareness of your team. The training scheme is offered in various levels from awareness, application to courseware. 


Do you offer Cyber Security training for our staff? How often does this training take place?

Your staff are at the helm of your organisation, representing the enterprise and working with private and business information daily.

Cyber security awareness courses are an effective approach to ensure the correct cyber processes are followed. It minimises risk and maintains your organisations information secure against cyber attacks.

These awareness courses take place on an annual basis and are only offered to Tier 3 customers inclusively.

Do you recommend Red Team Testing or Penetration Testing? What is the difference?

To answer this question, it's important to understand the areas both approaches have in common. Both tests are designed to identify security downfalls in your business' security posture. The penetration tester works with your business' IT team to run through a list of checks and tests to identify the weakness of various IT infrastructure platforms within your business. On the other hand the red team specifically attempts a breach on your organisations cyber security. Only a few individuals in the business will be made aware of this targeted attack. This targeted attack, arranged by the business itself, will demonstrate a realistic visual of how your business will deal with similar breaches.

What are the biggest cybersecurity threats right now?

By far bank transfer fraud and ransomware are the top two widespread cyber security threats most businesses are having to deal with right now. Bank transfers need to follow strict rules within a business and to run through multiple security mechanisms before they are approved for payment. In contrast, to combat against the ongoing increase in ransomware not only superior anti ransomware software such as Sophos Intercept X should be present across your workstation and server infrastructure. As well as that a variety of backup methodologies need to be deployed to ensure that the ransomware is unable to spread further and to minimise the chance of its occurence. 

What level of cyber security insurance do I need to cover my business in the event of a breach?

Cyber risk, cyber liability or more commonly referred to as cyber insurance is a form of insurance cover which has been introduced to secure your business in the digital age against security and malicious breaches initiated on your IT infrastructure. 

The level of cover varies on several factors depending upon whether your business carries out work only in the UK, EU or rest of the world, whether your business collects, process or store customer data, whether you require GDPR investigations, data security breaches, business interuption or ransomware to be covered too?

Given the plethora of options we'd recommend that you speak to one of our friendly account managers on 0207 112 8504 to understand your requirements so that we can advise the best cover. This would then allow you to approach your insurance company with all the required information for all your needs. 



What our clients say about us!

Architectural Firm

I'd like to thank all at Lyon for your work this year- if you'd told me 12 months ago that the entire office would be working remotely, I don't think I'd have believed it would have been possible, let alone relatively smooth and productive. So thank you for moving so swiftly to get us set up in March, and the support ever since. Please do pass on my thanks to Tom and the rest of the team.


John (Director)

Architectural Firm

Investment Management

Over the last eight years they have provided all the needs of our expanding business, here in the UK and as well as in two overseas locations, in a very seamless and professional manner. Many a times they have very professionally and competently dealt with some very complex issues involving our virtual setup, Refinitive and Reuters platforms. We are always impressed by the depth of knowledge of their staff but especially the knowledge and experience of their founding partners whom are always promptly available.


Anonymous (Director)

Investment Management

Global Stationery Start-up

I've been lucky enough to work with Lyon Managed Services for a few years now. Amin and the team always offer amazing customer service, fast response times and plenty of patience when dealing with whatever kind of query I may have.


Claire (Office Manager)

Global Stationery Start-up

Not for Profit

We engaged with Lyon at a time when our server had crashed, and our previous IT had thrown in the towel. Unbeknown to them it was a behemoth of a job however they managed to restore everything back to normal within days. Since then we’ve been looked after by them regularly and can’t recommend them enough.


Annā€Marie (Operations Manager)

Not for Profit