The Most Secure Places to Store Your Data

Dec 19, 2023

With a range of options for storing digital data, it can be difficult to get the right combination of technology that offers the highest security whilst still being practical for day-to-day business use.

With security systems and cyber criminals becoming increasingly more advanced in their technology and methods, the actual location and system for storing data can be the deciding factor on whether or not the information held will be safe or not. With various formats to choose from, what are the most secure places to store your data?

External Hard Drive Stored Separately and Securely 

One way to protect data in the past was to store it on an external hard drive or USB flash drive that is not connected to the computer and network system but safely stored in a separate location.

The problem with this method is that like with any physical file storage, it is often impractical and requires the user to physically visit the location where the data is stored to access it.

There is also the further security issue that the data could be physically compromised as it is stored in a real-world location. For example, a thief or cyber criminal can break into the building where the data is being stored and gain access to it. Even locating the data in a physical form in a real location can open up avenues of attack for a cyber-criminal.

Encrypted Database

Using end-to-end encryption it is possible to shield the contents meaning that if data is accessed it is of no use and not discernible to any unauthorised user. 

Encryption works by coding the data and having the correct cipher or decryption key to decode the message and reveal the contents.

The main issue with an encrypted database is that it relies on the use of a single physical file, and may not be readily available for those users who need it, especially in remote work environments.

Password Protected File

For sensitive information, it is possible to create a password-protected file that requires the correct username and password combination to gain access. 

This has the disadvantage of only being able to hold a limited amount of information and also would need to be copied and sent to any appropriate party that needs it, which is not always practical depending on the nature of the business.

Secure Cloud Storage 

By far the best way to securely store your data is through cloud solutions. Cloud data storage provides a range of advantages and apart from being one of the most secure methods it has the added benefit of practicality and flexibility.

Whilst being more secure the data is also readily accessible by all authorised parties in a remote environment meaning that the important data can be secured and still accessed from any location or using any device.

Why is Cloud Storage the Most Secure Method of Storing Data?

Cloud Storage is Backed Up Regularly 

One of the best ways to keep important data safe is to regularly make backup copies of it. That way if the data is lost somehow it won’t be too much of an issue as you will still have everything except the most recent data that has yet to be archived.

With cloud solutions, the amount of data storage available is more or less unlimited and the system can automatically create backup versions of all data held at regular intervals as specified by the user.

Much like an auto-save feature, this means that businesses do not need to have the responsibility of consciously making a backup, which can often be overlooked especially when considering time and storage constraints.

Data Held in Cloud Storage is Not Stored Locally

Unlike physical hard copies of data on hard drives, servers, flash drives or written on pieces of paper, data held on the cloud is not stored locally and is held off-site.

As far as the cybercriminal is concerned, there is no physical location for the data—the datacentres could be anywhere, even located in another country—so the chances of the hacker knowing where these massive datacentres are and taking a trip over there to defeat the security and access the information held there is very slim. Much like bullies in real life, hackers and cyber criminals will choose an easier target.

The simple fact that the data held in the cloud is not physically located on the premises makes it much more secure. It is far too easy for hackers to get around the tightest security measures by simply breaking a lock on the door then they can easily look up everyone in the office’s passwords that are written on scraps of paper here and there, or even lift the server or harddrives entirely and take the data with them.

Encrypted by Default

Another key advantage in terms of security with data held in the cloud is that it is normally automatically encrypted through the cloud technology.

File sharing apps like dropbox and social media such as Facebook use end-to-end encryption so even law enforcement agencies cannot view user’s messages or content without being given access by the provider. 

This has sparked debate about whether or not governments should have access to encrypted data but also serves to illustrate how secure the encrypted data is on cloud based services—if law enforcement and intelligence agencies such as the FBI and MI5 are struggling to get access to the data then there’s a good chance that cyber criminals will also have a hard time in gaining unauthorised access themselves.

Such is the nature of encryption that even if a malicious actor gains unauthorised access to the data, without the correct decryption key it will be meaningless garble and of no use to anyone.

Data Stored in the Cloud is Monitored 24/7 

Unlike traditional storage methods, data stored within the cloud can be monitored live with continual and round the clock cover. 

At Lyon we provide sophisticated intrusion detection systems and 24/7 infrastructure and security system monitoring for all data held on our cloud services.

This means that whenever a data breach or cyber attack occurs, it can be immediately flagged up and reacted to by trained analysts and incident response teams, working quickly to identify and contain the threat, whilst following up with a detailed investigation into the source and cause of the data breach.

With live monitoring, end-to-end encryption and secure data storage, Lyon provide a range of cloud solutions that help businesses keep their data safe and protected from cyber crime and unauthorised access.

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With cyber criminals becoming increasingly sophisticated in their methods and tactics, it is important to act now to ensure your business has the most robust defence possible against any form of attack.