Expert Guidance: Information Security Consultants in London

Dec 08, 2023

London is still one of the key markets in the UK for information security consultants. According to the 2023 UK cybersecurity sectoral analysis, there are currently 33% of registered cybersecurity firms based in the London area. The next biggest regions in the UK for cybersecurity firms are the South East, with 20% of registered providers, and the North West, where 9% of active offices are based. 

The main question and concern however that most businesses are faced with, is when is the right time to engage the services of information security consultants in London or any part of the UK? Is it a cost-effective and useful solution that will provide value for money, or is the service more like a modern-day version of magic beans or the Emperor’s clothes—where you don’t get any real benefit from the product but it still ends up costing you enough real money. 

With the total annual revenue of cybersecurity firms estimated at around £10.5 billion this year—has that money been well spent and does this represent a worthwhile investment for businesses in the UK?

What Does an Information Security Consultant Do?

Information security consultants, also referred to as security analysts and cybersecurity advisors, perform a range of services to help businesses pinpoint vulnerabilities in their systems, infrastructure, networks and software, whilst also providing solutions to address any potential weaknesses in the security setup and helping the business to develop a robust defence against all forms of cybercrime and data breaches.

Why Use London-based Information Security Consultants?

London Information Security Consultants provide a range of services to help pinpoint vulnerabilities and strengthen security systems so they offer the maximum protection against hackers and cybercriminals.

These include:

Helping to implement a roadmap for security system installation 

Moving to a new system, even one that is more secure and technologically advanced, can present a variety of complexities while the business is still in operation. London-based information security consultants can guide you through this process with simple chronological steps and assist with each stage of the implementation.

Assistance with selecting suitable cybersecurity systems in line with budget requirements

Information security consultants in London can provide help when choosing the right systems and infrastructure for your business. A good information security consultancy will consider your budget and business needs and recommend the right solutions based on your requirements. As opposed to automatically trying to sell the most high-end and expensive bit of kit they can get you to buy, regardless of whether or not it will be effective for your intended use.

Support with creating and enforcing an information security policy

London Information security consultants have expertise when it comes to developing a robust information security policy for your company—a must-have for businesses in today’s marketplace with the current threat level from cybercrime. Information security consultants liaise with business owners and provide guidance whilst setting out the policy itself, with all important considerations included. They should also be able to provide cybersecurity awareness training for company staff in line with the rules set out in the security policy.

Comprehensive information security audit

One key service that your London-based information security consultant should be able to assist with is providing a fully comprehensive security audit of all systems, networks, endpoints and data storage. Information security consultants should start by doing a full health check of all systems and infrastructure. This offers a bird’s eye view of your existing setup and should help them to quickly identify and highlight any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the security setup that could leave the business exposed to the threat from cyber criminals and data breaches.

Penetration testing and strengthening security measures

More advanced information security consultancies in the London area offer more high-end and specialised services. One of which is penetration testing where so-called ‘ethical hackers’ employed by the consultancy themselves are tasked with hacking into your network in any way they can, in order to rigorously test all systems and find the same routes into the business and open doors that a real hacker would. Once the penetration testers have carried out their methods and usually gained access through a variety of means that would typically be used by cybercriminals, they can then pinpoint these vulnerabilities and help the business owners to tighten security measures in these areas. 

Vulnerability management and analysis 

Information security consultants employ a range of sophisticated tools and automated processes that will check continually for any vulnerabilities in the security system and automatically patch software, install upgrades and update anti-virus tools as needed in order to keep the system fully secured.

Data breach specialists and live infrastructure monitoring

One occasion where information security consultants are worth their weight in gold is during an ongoing incident or a live data breach. At these times you do not want to be scrambling around trying to figure out who to call and what you are supposed to be doing. The best information security consultants in London provide infrastructure monitoring and incident response and should be able to quickly identify data breaches and move quickly to react to the threat and contain the breach before it can affect other parts of the business and do further damage.

Ensuring compliance with data regulations

In terms of regulatory alignment, information security consultants are indispensable. This is a key area where their knowledge and experience are highly useful as they can advise companies on which regulations and laws apply to them, and how and where to send the appropriate forms and documentation—for example, with regulations such as GDPR and data privacy laws. In the event of a data breach, information security consultants can advise on what if anything needs to be reported to the relevant authorities and regulators. This ensures that if there is damage from a data breach, then the company does not also have to pay unforeseen financial penalties as a result of non-compliance with regulations.

Expert guidance and 24/7 support

When choosing an information security consultant in the London area, you should look for those who can provide expert guidance from trained professionals around the clock and any day of the week. Hackers and cyber criminals do not operate normal 9-5 hours and take bank holidays off, so neither should your information security consultancy. They need to be ready to provide support and advice when needed and if there is an ongoing incident, 24/7 help desks and intrusion detection are an essential part of the service.

Lyon Tech—Working Alongside Businesses in the London Area to Strengthen Information Security

At Lyon we provide sophisticated automated systems working in conjunction with highly trained analysts and technical experts as a full suite of measures to provide businesses in London with the most robust defence possible against data breaches and cybercriminals.

Among our professional services, we provide:

  • Vulnerability management
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Operational analysis
  • Support with implementation roadmaps and data security policy
  • Assistance with compliance in terms of GDPR and other regulations
  • Security system auditing
  • Cybersecurity Awareness training for staff members
  • 24/7 help desk and incident response


Contact our specialist consultants today and we can help you take the first steps towards securing your business and providing an effective defence against cybercrime and malicious or unauthorised access to your network and data.

For more information, check out some of our real-life examples where we have helped businesses in the London area to secure their operations and ensure their data is protected with cutting-edge technology and expert guidance.